Wuxi Zoo
Wuxi Zoo﹒Taihu Lake Pleasure Garden is a comprehensive theme park integrating animal ecology display, science education, animal conservation, large-scale recreation and leisure tourism. Synthesizing multiple features of the city zoo and wild zoo, integrating free-range and captive animal raising and being equipped with many sets of large recreation facilities, it is a pleasure garden for the whole family to enjoy the holiday.
In the animal park, there are African grassland area, Asian herbivores area, primate animal area and feral animal area and 30 exhibition halls and stadiums of all kinds of birds. In the exhibition area, more than 1,000 rare wild animals of more than 100 species around the world inhabit here. According to the animal characteristics, raising ways in the area integrate the free-range and the captive ones, which allows animals to live in a more natural and ecological environment. The display with free visual obstacle allows visitors to get closer to animals and nature.
In the pleasure garden, there are domestic first-class large-scale amusement equipment, including Dynamic Train, Fire Meteor Hammer, Torrent, Colorful Windmill, Whirling Chair, Dream Wooden Horse and Crazy Chariot. A Playing Park is specially set for kids. There is a comprehensive performance hall with wraparound stand for 1,800 audiences to enjoy the performance. The wonderful circus acrobatics and several exciting timing shows every day are perfect visual and hearing feasts to visitors.
Walk into the animal kingdom to enjoy wild nature! Trek in the pleasure garden to experience dynamic limit!